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Installation of MS SQL SERVER 2012 EXPRESS

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017

Following are the steps on installing SQL Server 2012 Express with Advanced Series by OrcsWeb (OrcsWeb, 2014). The steps also comply on installing Express with Tools as well as premium Microsoft SQL Server products.

  1. Launch the program.
  2. Now, make sure that the Installation is selected in the left pane and select first option (stand-alone installation).
  3. Accept the license agreement and click next.
  4. After that if product updates available select Include SQL Server product updates at top and click next.[Optional: if update available, it takes time to download and setup. Click next.]
  5. Now, at the Feature Selection, select all of the features and click next.
  6. Choose Default instance if this is the first installation of SQL Server. [Otherwise choose Named instance and provide a name.] Click next.
  7. In Server Configuration, leave as default and click next to continue.
  8. In Database Engine Configuration, select Mixed Mode and provide a strong password in the textbox fields below and click next once again. [Please remember the password. It is needed later. As it is apparent, no need for user account name, the default name is:  'sa']
  9. In Reporting Services Configuration, select Install only and click next and again next.
  10. Now, SQL server will process to install.
  11. Once the completion of successful installation, close the windows.