Portfolio | Inventory System (using VB.Net and MS Access 2010)

Inventory System (using VB.Net and MS Access 2010)

This was the first software that I developed. I was very excited as well as nervous  at the time. I didn't have built any software in the past and have any knowledge about developing it. So, I did lacked skills but  at the time I was self-learning VB.NET language at free-time.So, I planned to develop this software using VB.NET.  

Actually, because of my friend Mr. Rajesh Bhandari, I got an opportunity to take part in the Internship programme there in Nepal Telecom (NTC), Ranipauwa, Pokhara. And we developed this software as it was demanded by the seniors (sir) to see what we can do.

The software was a single-user system. It was developed for the Store Department as a prototype; not as a fully working system. It tooked around 5 and half months to build it :D.It was developed under the guidance of Er. Santosh Kumar Baral (Telecom Engineer) and Asst. Officer Umesh Ghimire (Store Incharge). And the prototype was finally verified by Manager Er. Ananta Man Singh (Office Incharge). 

Obviously, the software was bad :D but I am proud of it. I learned about VB.Net, Win Forms Design, Connection Strings, ADO.Net, VS Report Viewer and Dealing the problems.

The source code is uploaded in the github. Click here 'Inventory-System' to access or download the files.